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Sara Aldworth

Content Marketing Manager

In her role as the content marketing manager, Sara is responsible for developing the strategy and creation of materials to support the buyer’s journey. From informative articles to videos and more, she helps prospects understand where the Milliman HealthIO solution fits in the crowded landscape of digital health. She enjoys educating buyers and sharing the benefits of reduced cost and better health that result from implementing our program.

Sara was a natural fit for our team, in part because she enjoys demystifying complex experiences. Our “back to basics” approach of measuring health vitals resonated with her own belief that small steps can lead to big change.

Sara’s career began more than 20 years ago in a public relations firm serving the futures and derivatives industry. Her work grew to include consumer brands and nonprofit clients as well. She spent several years inside a healthcare technology start up, directing the marketing efforts around a patient engagement program for those with chronic disease. Additionally, Sara has worked as a freelance marketer and writer with a special focus on healthcare, education, and faith-based outreach.

Sara earned her BA in English from Western Illinois University, with a minor in Creative Writing. She holds multiple HubSpot Academy certifications, including those in content marketing, email marketing, and social media.

When she isn’t busy churning out helpful content, Sara loves to drag her family out on hikes around their home in West Michigan. She also enjoys puttering around in her garden and coaxing her husband to cook for her.