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Smitha Radhakrishna

Product Manager
HealthIO Smitha Radhakrishna

As product manager, Smitha is committed to creating the best possible experience for our clients. She leverages her business expertise to help drive product ideation and vision, while converting that vision into deliverable outcomes for the technology team. As a thought leader in her product area, she helps drive innovation and ensures that each release and successive update of the Milliman HealthIO product is designed to delight. She finds it truly gratifying to hear the feedback of our program participants who share how HealthIO has changed their lives for the better.

Smitha began her career as a business analyst with BioEnterprise, where she developed commercialization plans and conducted business analyses for early stage healthcare start-ups.

She then went on to work as a product manager for Quality Electrodynamics and was heavily involved in market research, creating the go-to-market strategy, and overseeing marketing content and website development. Prior to joining Milliman HealthIO, Smitha was a product manager for GC America, developing strategic marketing plans and managing the lifecycle and performance of a core product suite generating several million in revenue.

Smitha graduated from M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology with her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Biotechnology. She then earned her Master’s in Entrepreneurial Biotechnology from Case Western Reserve University. Additionally, Smitha holds certifications in machine learning, strategic management, marketing and competitive strategy.

Smitha’s gift for research and analysis isn’t limited to the workplace. Away from the office, this self-proclaimed coffee afficionado enjoys experimenting with different coffee beans, blends, and brewing styles. She also loves to get outside and explore national and state parks with her family. And most meaningful of all, Smitha is an enthusiastic mother, taking delight in every age and stage of life with her preschooler.