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HealthIO dashboard with insights

Milliman algorithms enable upfront risk stratification

HealthIO leverages unique access to extensive health data and predictive analytics to identify members with high risk and rising health risk. This risk stratification helps support the management and prevention of chronic conditions by enabling more focused attention on members with the greatest and most urgent need.

How it works

Interrelationship between health metric tracking, health coaches, and advanced analytics
Interrelationship between health metric tracking, health coaches, and advanced analytics
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The HealthIO mobile app enables easy engagement with health via smartphone

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, with certain apps becoming part of our regular routine.

Using the HealthIO app, members can track health metrics, set reminders for vitals, medications, wellness activities, and leverage a support network of family and caregivers.

Regular recording of activity within the app generates data over time, and related insights can help the member better manage and prevent chronic conditions.

HealthIO app interface
Sample HealthIO app notification

Personalized health coaching helps members define and meet their goals

HealthIO’s dashboards generate actionable insights that help personalize digital health coaching. Our health coaches engage, guide, and motivate members towards incremental behavior changes that help establish new habits and healthy life choices. Support is delivered digitally, in 1-on-1 sessions and small group settings.

Identifying health and wellness needs

Coaches work with members to assess lifestyle patterns and identify individual health and wellness needs.

Providing personalized support

Members receive coaching and wellness guidance via phone and video conferencing for ongoing support and encouragement.

Empowering through education

Members learn about the importance and connection between nutrition, fitness, and stress management—plus the value of a support network.

Documentation and evaluation

Coaches provide documentation regarding the implementation and ongoing effectiveness of their services by selected risk tier.

Advanced analytics and intelligence enable prediction and prevention

Member-generated health data, predictive analytics, and advanced algorithms generate timely and personalized insights for our members and their care team. The insights enable early detection and intervention, driving better health outcomes for members and reduced health risks for employers, value-based care providers, health plans, and life insurers.

Dashboards give visibility to member populations

The HealthIO client portal delivers an overview of your population’s current health—and how it is trending. Using health risk reports, decision makers gain actionable insights to help members achieve better outcomes.

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The HealthIO experience